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Prior to the creation of our nation in 1867, citizens have volunteered to face conflict, turmoil, and adversity. Willing to give the ultimate sacrifice, they fought courageously to build the nation we are proud to call Canada today. Starting with the War of 1812, leading up to the Afghanistan conflict, as well as the current missions in Libya, Lithuania, and the Ukraine, men and women from Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding Algoma region, have taken up arms to protect our nation’s inherent rights and freedoms.

As a nation, Canada has participated in all of the major world conflicts. 10 percent of our population volunteered to serve during the Great War and World War II. Canadians have also contributed to 10 percent of the world’s peacekeeping missions. Our nation is built upon strong principles which our citizens have proudly and bravely defended throughout history.

In the Sault area alone, over 10,000 men and women have volunteered in the Canadian Armed Forces. Of these 10,000, 660 did not return home.

The Veterans Commemorative Monument began with a group of veterans interested in cementing the legacy of local citizens who have served in stone. The Veterans Commemorative Monument will highlight the bravery, strength, and courage of our service men and women, and will be a visual reminder of Canada’s gratitude and recognition to veterans in the Canadian Armed Forces from the Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding region.

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Email us: Clyde Healey - clyde.healey@shaw.ca

Veteran Commemorative Monument Planning Committee

Clyde Healey Chair
Chris Tossell  Architect
Ernst Kreps  Landscape Architect
Bill Bennett Coast Guard/Navy
Steve  Summers Army
Bruce Pearce Air Force
Phil Miller History
Pierre Breckenridge Legion
Bruce Harten Treasurer
Lance Knox Military Outreach
Sandra Hollingsworth Council Representative
Vacant City Representative
Donna Hillsinger & Bev Teller Fund Raising
Cole Nolan First Nation/ Metis Liaison